We know accountants get a bad rep for being boring, overly serious, and abrupt. That’s why here, it’s not just the numbers we focus on – we also have a fine-tuned focus on the people we strive to help.

FSHAD CPA puts a human face on our vast range of accounting services, and for this many years, it’s been a success.

We want our clients to spend less time worrying about their taxes and financial records, because life shouldn’t be reduced to a constant business battle.

Gone are the days of robotic and mechanical accounting. No more Excel spreadsheets, messy reports and general confusion about your financial position – especially when you’ve got founding partner of FShad CPA, Faiq, in your corner.


When it comes to the financial health of your business – you should always feel comfortable giving your accountant a call.
So, whether you want last minute tax filing, or have burning questions like:

Where should I lease or finance my car?
How do I pay my HST bill?
How do I register for my CRA account?
Is there better way to track my expenses?
Should I get a different bank account?

We’re always available – by call, or by email – so you can enjoy one dedicated point of contact.

You didn’t get into business to fiddle around with payroll and government forms. Let us know how our certified public accountants can alleviate your worries.


We notice that most young business owners prefer accounting firms that can surpass short-term performance analysis to provide strategic insight into critical areas like long term profitability, shareholder value, acquisition plans, managing risk, and more.

That’s why we’re more than simple accountants, we act as your
trusted, strategic business advisors – helping you identify key areas to
improve business operations.

So, whether you already know what direction you want your business to go in, or you have no
idea at all – our seasoned accountants will be able to provide
value-added services beyond the performance of traditional number-crunching tasks.

We’ll use our extensive knowledge gained
from all of those delightful years studying accounting and finance to find efficient,
compliant, ways to save you money.

By analyzing business risks and opportunities, we can help you reduce expenses and increase rev