Your property is your most valued asset – so we take care of it like we would our own here at Prestige Facilities Maintenance.

The clue is in the name – we maintain your home or business property with premium workmanship, for the utmost prestige. We operate with simple code of ethics, modelled on the traditional values of working hard, striving for excellence, and being truly committed to our clients’ unique needs.

Does your property have landscaping design issues, plant installation issues, irrigation issues or debris?

While your property can have many issues, not many people are equipped to handle them with the exacting precision and premium quality you can expect from our seasoned team.


Thankfully, we’re available 24-7 – all 365 days of the year.


At Prestige, we’re dedicated to providing property maintenance with integrity –that’s what makes us different in this vast market.

Quality work is hard to come by, and many in this industry are in it for the wrong reasons, seeing it as a lucrative vessel – rather than an opportunity to inspire beauty, order, and natural harmony.

For property owners, we impart over 20 years of experience and expertise –providing the responsive and refreshing service that you deserve.


Whether you regularly maintain your property or would like to hire us for the first time – here are just a few signs that your property could do with some Prestige TLC.

Turf and sod issues

Irrigation system issues
Landscaping design issues
Plant installation guidance
Weed overgrowth outdoors

Drain cleaning for area drains, catch basins, trench drains and sump pits

Rectifying trip hazards within concrete, patio stones or interlocking to ensure proper drainage and grading while decreasing tripping hazards
Repairing retaining walls
Assisting condos and apartments with superintendent services


It’s not about simply repainting walls or changing the colors and expect significant results. We believe that every property – no matter how big or small – presents a unique opportunity for a fundamental re-invention. It’s about elevating your lived experience and succeeding in increasing the investment value of your property while doing so.

What’s more?

As a family-owned property maintenance company, we strive to provide the security, compassion, and reassurance of a family – from ours to yours, no matter your circumstances.


From weed control and lawn care, to plant installation guidance and landscaping – we do everything in our power to keep your home looking polished and pristine as the seasons change – right down to the little details.

A combination of our seasoned team, with our environmentally friendly equipment and premium practices allows us to achieve the highest quality results and highest level of service possible.

This allows us to tailor our services for each customers’ unique needs – with the mission to to leave no more room for improvement.

We do property maintenance like you’ve never seen before.

Words From Our Customers

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Words From Our Customers

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